Stepping Together-Creating Strong Stepfamilies

$240 (including materials)

It is difficult to believe, but statistics tell us that there are more stepfamilies and single parent families in the US than any other type. And according to the US Census Bureau 62% of second marriages will end in divorce.

Stepping Together is based on the many years of ground breaking research into stepfamily systems done by Drs. John and Emily Visher, long considered the pioneers of understanding what it takes to make a stepfamily work.


In this six-week seminar you will learn:

  • How to recognize stepfamily myths, realities, and unrealistic expectations.
  • How to navigate your emotional journey and stages of stepfamily life.
  • Ways to strengthen your couple connection and the importance of adult roles.
  • The influences of former experiences.
  • Understand issues facing your children and reactions of children of different ages.
  • About nurturing and discipline in stepfamilies.
  • To listen and communicate with children and about an “ours” child in the family.
  • The roles for remarried couples and stepparents.
  • About family activities, rituals, and family meetings.

A stepfamily can feel like a comfortable and nurturing place to live when you have knowledge about how stepfamilies work and the stages of stepfamily development. Some things can change. Some things can’t. Learn how to tell the difference and get help in working out effective strategies for dealing with common stepfamily situations.


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“One of the best gift’s you can give your child in a divorce is to quietly give them permission to love the other parent.”