Rebuilding for Kids-children in the middle

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$85 (including materials)

This workshop helps educate and assist both parents and children, in order to help them better cope with a separation or divorce.

For all children, the separation or divorce of their parents is a traumatic experience. Many feel they were the cause of the break-up. Many also believe that their parents will leave them, just as they left each other. Years after the divorce, children often express, or hold inside, feelings of fear, anger, and grief. It’s common for them to engage in fantasies that their parents will reunite. This can lead to problems at school, at home, as well as later in adult life.

What is “Rebuilding for Kids-children in the middle”?
It is a three-evening, educational workshop for school-aged children and one or more of their separated or divorced parents. The workshop provides parents with helpful information about their children’s experience of a separation and divorce. Valuable suggestions are offered to parents, in order to help them assist their children through the many difficult transitions they may encounter. Children gain a better understanding of a separation and divorce. Kids learn ways they can regain a healthy sense of control over their lives. It is designed for children 1st through 12th grade and one or both of their parents.

This workshop is designed to:

  • Help parents and children recognize, accept, and deal with the issues and feelings that accompany a separation and divorce.
  • Help improve communication between the parent and child about the separation or divorce, and the many changes happening or that will happen in their lives.
  • Help parents’ abilities to assist in their children’s adjustment process.
  • Help children feel more comfortable expressing themselves and asking questions.

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Activities for children:
Children are shown video segments about common situations that tend to put “children in the middle” of their parents divorce. They are then divided by age into small groups where age appropriate activities and discussions help them understand and talk about their experience of a separation or divorce. They learn healthy ways to express themselves to their parents when they have questions or feel uncomfortable.

Activities for parents
Parents watch video clips specifically designed for them. The same topics the children are viewing are depicted in the parents’ video, along with helpful suggestions on how to avoid putting their children “in the middle” of their separation or divorce. Parents form facilitated small groups in order to discuss the material presented, and practice new and positive ways of interacting with their children. Parents learn to be receptive to the communication skills the children are learning, thereby promoting more closeness and better communication between parents and their children.




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