Overview of the ten-week “Rebuilding Seminar”

$345 (including materials)

Session One: The Rebuilding Blocks

A basic overview of the ten-week seminar. There is a proven 19-step process of adjustment to the loss of love. Find out how each of the rebuilding blocks can contribute to your understanding, healing, transition, and growth. You will take the pre-FDAS.


Fisher Rebuilding Blocks
Textbook: "Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends," Second Edition by Dr. Bruce Fisher

Session Two: Adaptation
As we grow up, we all learn a number of ways of adapting when our needs for love and attention are not being met. Some of these strategies might have worked for you as a child, but they don’t work very well as a grown-up. Discover how learned childhood behaviors may have contrib­uted to the ending of your love relationship.

Session Three: Grief
The end of a love relationship can leave one with a tremendous feeling of loss. Grief is an important part of your divorce process. You will learn the different stages and symptoms of grief and the importance of doing your own self care, while giving yourself permission to grieve as much and as long as you need to.

Session Four: Anger
Divorce anger can be very powerful and feel overwhelming. Feeling anger is a natural, healthy part of being human. But anger is different than aggression, which is a destructive of expressing anger. Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy anger, and find positive ways to express, dissipate and deal with your “everyday” anger and your “divorce” anger.


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Session Five: Self-Worth
It is good and healthy to get to know, like, and love yourself. Once you improve your feelings of self-worth many things about you and your life will begin to change. You can learn how to feel better about yourself, and thus gain the skills, tools, and strength to better adjust to a crisis.


Session Six: Transition
Early experiences are extremely influential in our lives. The attitudes and feelings you developed in your childhood, and in your relationships with family, friends, and lovers are bound to carry over into new relationships. Recognize your valuable leftovers so you can keep and nourish them; work at changing those which get in the way.

Session Seven: Openness
I’ve been hiding behind a mask. A mask is a false face-a feeling projected to others that is different than what we are really feeling deep down inside. Some are appropriate; others are not. We wear them for protection and what they actually do is distance us emotionally from others. Learn to identify some of your masks and how taking them off will lead to more emotional closeness and intimacy with others.

Session Eight: Love
Could somebody really care for me? Many people need to learn how to love, in order to love more maturely. Your capacity to love yourself is directly relater to your capacity to love other. You will learn that loving yourself is not conceited or selfish. In fact; it’s the most mentally healthy thing that you can do.


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Session Nine: Relatedness
Growing relationships will help you rebuild. It’s okay to have important relationships after your primary relationship has ended. We need support, companionship, and feedback from others as we transition to a new life. You will learn how these growing relationships can be a part of your healing and growth process, the nurturing that can happen in them, and how to take responsibility for yourself while you are in them. You will also learn how to end them with a “healthy termination”. You will take the post-FDAS. (See Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale).

Session Ten: Sexuality
I’m interested but I’m scared. When you’re first separated, it’s normal to be extremely fearful of sex. During the adjustment process, you learn to express your unique sexuality according to your own moral standards. You will learn to become more comfortable with your sexuality and talking about it with others. And you will better understand that your questions and concerns about sex and sexuality are similar to those of the opposite sex.




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“When You Learn to Take Care of Yourself Everything Else Will Fall into Place.”