Co-parent Education Class

Helping Parents to Raise Children Living in Two Separate Households


$80 (per person)

The Co-parent Education Class is more than just a basic co-parenting class. We are professionally dedicated to helping families transition during the challenges and changes of a separation or divorce and helping to meet the needs of children growing up in two households.

The course includes information on the following issues:

  • The emotional and behavioral reactions to divorce by young children and adolescents.
  • The emotional effects of divorce on parents.
  • Parenting issues relating to the concerns and needs of children at different development stages.
  • Divorce stress indicators in young children and adolescents.
  • Conflict management.
  • Family stabilization through development of a co-parenting relationship.
  • The financial responsibilities of parenting.
  • Family violence, spousal abuse, and child abuse and neglect.

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The Co-parent Education Class Description

The class focuses on how families can meet the needs of children growing up between two homes. The class is well reviewed and suggested by participants. The class consists of two parts 3 hours long.

Part I- The Adults
Part I of the class focuses on adult issues related to co-parenting and keeping children out of the conflict.

Topics covered include:

  • You
  • The Victim Mindset
  • Domestic Violence
  • Working with the Other Household
  • Extended Family/Significant Others
  • Suggestions for Co-parenting
  • Adult Grief
  • Conflict Disengagement
  • Alternative Dispute Options

Part II- The Adults
Part II of the class focuses on child development and the needs of children growing up in two homes.

Topics covered include:

  • Children's Stages of Development
  • Creating the Dual Home Environment
  • Parenting Time
  • Child Support and Parental Access
  • Talking to the Children
  • Children's Grief
  • Mistakes Made in Involving Children
  • Co-parenting Vocabulary
  • Benefits of Co-parenting
  • Alienating Behaviors


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Contact Information

92 Williams Street
Norwich, CT 06360

(860) 887-9580


Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to class time for registration. Fees are not refunded to participants who don't show up or those who show up late. 24 hour written notice is required for cancellations or rescheduling of sessions.


The fee for the class is $80.00 per person and must be paid online at least 24 weekday hours in advance. Click here to to register.


• Neither session is appropriate for children. No childcare is provided.

• There is no waiting area for anyone not participating in the class.

• Plan to arrive no later than 10 minutes before class.

• Materials are available; however you are encouraged to take notes.

• No video or audio recordings are allowed.

• Cell phones are turned off for the duration of the class.

• There will be a break half way through each meeting.

• We do not require parents to attend the class together, but do suggest most parents do.

• We reserve the right to cancel classes due to poor weather conditions or lack of registration.