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"A carefully thought out Parenting Plan results in fewer mistakes, encourages communication, and enhances better understanding between a child's parents."

-- Michael Paprocki

The New England Divorce Education Center helps parents develop comprehensive, workable, individualized and well-developed Parenting Plans.

Dad and ToddlerIn divorce, a Parenting Plan is not only a necessity, but becomes a contract between parents, listing explicit guidelines to follow. This living blueprint can be used as a point of reference when there are differences of opinion. After a couple's separation or divorce some rules change; living situations change; and people move on to new relationships. A well-developed Parenting Plan addresses many of the pitfalls and misconceptions that can arise to keep the parties out of conflict, on task, and out of court. Planning for a child means looking ahead to the obvious changes that will occur. Parenting Plans are created to meet the on-going co-parenting and family rules that should not end just because of divorce or conflict. Parents know and love their children best. With both parents’ help, we will develop a Parenting Plan to incorporate a host of specific needs for your changing family.

After a divorce a well-developed Parenting Plan should consist of at least some of the following:

  • Discipline and Future Relationships
  • Daily & Bed Time Routines
  • Illness, Transportation and Exchanges
  • Information about Clothing and Relocation
  • Extracurricular, Enrichment Activities and Supervision
  • Education, Insurance and Financial Contributions
  • Communication with and Respect for the Other Parent
  • Professional Appointments, Mental Health and Medical Care
  • Information about Birthdays, Vacations and Holiday Schedules
  • Monitoring Your Plan

Remember! There is no “one size fits all” Parenting Plan that is appropriate for every family. We will be glad help you develop a plan that is appropriate for you.


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