Benefits of Divorce Mediation

The Costs
Our hourly fee applies to all time spent in mediation sessions, telephone contacts with the parties or other professionals concerning the mediation; or researching, preparing and drafting written materials. There are no upfront retainer fees, and you pay for each session at the time of the session.

With litigated divorces, costs can accumulate quickly. Each party usually pays their own attorney a retainer of at least $3,000, and fees go up from there based on time in consultation, research, telephone calls, letters, and court time. It is common for parties in a litigated divorce to pay between $8,000 and $30,000 each.

How long does mediation take?
Mediated divorces can be settled usually within several meetings over several weeks. Litigated divorce is a lengthy, time-consuming process, which can drag on for months, or years. Financial and emotional costs are high for both parties and their families in a litigated divorce.

A divorce affects the whole family, often putting considerable strain on the children. The fear and depression associated with a divorce can be increased by a lengthy and combative courtroom battle. This has a negative impact on the children. Experience has shown that children benefit greatly when their parents negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement. When Mom and Dad are seen to be comfortable with the separation agreement, especially custody and visitation rights, children are better able to adjust to the divorce. The children’s adjustment is directly related to how well the parent’s adjust.

Shared Costs
Usually, each party pays one-half of the cost of the mediation, However, there are also many cases in which one party agrees to pay all the cost, or a higher percentage than the other. In some cases, one party pays for the mediation as costs occur, then gets reimbursed in the final property division.

In litigated divorces, the cost is often driven by one party who can force deadlines for discovery and hearings on the other party. This drives the legal fees upwards.

Emotional Costs
Much of the cost of litigated divorce is driven by one or both parties' fear or anger. This may be linked to the issues which caused the breakdown of the relationship. Mediation is much less expensive than taking the whole case to court because of the problems within the relationship.

Inexpensive To Try
Since divorce mediation is a pay-as-you-go process, there is little financial risk in attempting to use it. And since mediation is voluntary, either party can terminate the mediation. However, there is greater likelihood that you will finish in mediation if you start. In that case, you will have saved yourself and your family thousands of dollars.

Future Use of Mediation
Mediation can also address conflicts that occur after a divorce is final. In cases where a divorce was problematic, couples may find themselves seeking a modification to the settlement agreement. These conflicts may stem from disputes over visitation, child support, co-parenting plans, remarriage or potential relocation.


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