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Any two people interested in decreasing the time, money, and emotional turmoil spent in getting divorced are candidates for divorce mediation.


The benefits of divorce mediation are enormous:

  • Mediation is a pro-family approach to divorce, and the financial savings allow the assets to stay with the family members and children.
  • A mediated settlement can be completed in two to eight weeks, versus ten to twelve months for an attorney and trial situation.
  • The parties retain control of the outcome, versus separate attorneys and/or a judge.
  • There are no up-front retainer fees.
  • There is less re-litigation with mediated divorces.
  • In a majority of cases, the divorced couple and family is happier with the outcome.
  • Finally, there are great savings to be made in the area of the emotional costs, which are impossible to measure. Children, especially, adjust better when their parents negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement.
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What is Divorce Mediation?


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