About the New England Divorce Education Center, LLC

“The New England Divorce Education Center, LLC is dedicated to helping people better understand the profound changes that have taken place in American families today. We strive to fill the need for healthier choices – encouraging healing, wholeness, and continuing personal growth.”

About New England Divorce Education CenterNew England Divorce Education Center is the only comprehensive divorce mediation, resource, consulting, and counseling center in eastern Connecticut, with more than 65 years of combined professional experience. At our Center, we employ strategic planning and a toolbox of mediation tactics to help parties and counsel (if necessary) develop a process to resolving disputes.

At the heart of our Center is a belief is that with proper information, facilitation, and guidance, those in transition and conflict can take control of their own lives and settle their differences with dignity and affordable fees.

New England Divorce Education Center services and programs include:

  • Highest quality, effective, low cost divorce and family mediation services
  • Comprehensive, specific, workable parenting plans
  • Licensed, experienced, professional counseling
  • Divorce recovery seminars, workshops and support groups
  • Access to legal counsel and advice
  • Pre- and post- divorce consulting and mediation services
  • Mediation for non-traditional families
  • Co-parent education programs
  • Programs for children experiencing divorce
  • Stepfamily support, workshops, information and guidance

Whatever your situation, we can assist you at any time before or after your separation to the final divorce settlement – all while minimizing the expense, stress and emotional turmoil of divorce.

To read more about New England Divorce Education Center’s founder, Michael Paprocki, please click here.

If you are seeking support or mediation for your divorce, we will be glad to provide a free telephone consultation. Please call us at (860) 887-9580.

“As people become more disenchanted with our court systems, and as we become aware of the significant impact that a family breakup has on children, more people are turning to mediation.”
Michael Paprocki - NEDEC Founder



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